OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum 2019

16-20 November 2020      Virtual Interactive Event

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The Global Blockchain Policy Forum is the leading international event focused on the policy implications of this technology and its applications, led by the OECD’s Blockchain Policy Centre. Following the second edition of the Forum in 2019, which was attended by more than 1 600 people, the third edition of the Global Blockchain Policy Forum in 2020 will convene government ministers and senior policy makers, industry leaders, academics and other stakeholders to:

  • Discuss the leading applications and significant policy issues confronting the blockchain ecosystem in 2020, including asset tokenisation, central bank digital currencies, and self-sovereign identity

  • Review the emerging policy responses including through the recent work of the OECD, and share best practices identified across the world

  • Look ahead to emerging trends in the blockchain industry, and hear from stakeholders on how policy can best support viable and fit-for-purpose innovation and adoption of distributed ledger technologies

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Simon Chantry of Bitt describes latest trends on central bank digital currencies

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